I believe everything is communication. Light, color, and sound are all forms that enhance our experience beyond any verbal or written language. When I spend time in nature, I begin to listen better. I observe better. Every color, every sense, has a purpose there. Expression is everywhere. The more I listen, the more I simplify. I apply this to my life, my art, my experiences.

My Story

Constantly curious, I am always working on bettering myself, exploring nature and asking “why?”. I spent the first half of my life in Michigan, a moment in NYC and the past 20 years in California. California was my first true love and I continue to have a beautiful relationship with her, but nothing is as inspiring as the love that comes from my partner Moana.

Over the past twenty years much of my focus has been on my photography. My aesthetic has been sculpted by the beautiful homes I’ve photographed and the creative individuals I’ve surrounded myself with. Working mostly in the editorial and advertising world, my photography has graced the pages of magazines such as Vanity Fair, Elle Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. I’ve had the fortune to go on tour with Prince, photograph Buzz Aldrin, John Baldessari, and an eccentric list of award winning actors. 

I'm really proud of my career and I encourage you to explore more of my photography.

Lighting has always been a cohesive expression for me throughout my work. Light shapes and creates mood. I've studied the way it moves through space and have filled my home with many lamps over the years. These experiences have lead me to create my own lighting. These lamps are a passion project of mine that I would like to share with you.

Each and every lamp is created from start to finish by my own hands.


James Ross Mankoff

My Process

I'd love to share more about my creative process with you. From the conception to the final build, each stage is special.

Learn more about my process

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